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Anti Bullying Policy


Throughcare Housing & Support Anti Bullying Policy Statement of Intent

We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our young people so that they can reside in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. If bullying does occur all young people should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. This means that anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to inform a member of staff.

Clear guidelines have been introduced to allow any reports of incidents to be treated with the strictest confidence.

What is Bullying?
Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person whether mentally or physically, bullying results in pain and distress to the victim.

Bullying is when an individual or group feels threatened, hurt or put under stress by the actions of another person or group be those actions will-full, conscious or unconscious.

Emotional: being unfriendly, excluding, tormenting, threatening gestures
Physical: Pushing kicking hitting punching or any use of violent contact
Racist: Racial taunts graffiti gestures
Sexual: Unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments
Homophobic: Because of or focusing on the issue of sexuality
Verbal: Name calling sarcasm spreading rumours, teasing
Cyber: All areas of the Internet such as emails and chat room issues, mobile phone texting
Indirect: Spreading unpleasant rumours gossip about individuals or groups

Why is it important to respond to Bullying?
Bullying hurts, no one deserves to be a victim of bullying. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Young people who are bullying need to learn different ways of behaving.

MHTHS recognises this and understands the responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to any issues of bullying and ensure any actions carried out by the company has a positive affect on the person responsible for the bullying.

Objectives of this Policy
All partners, management, staff and the young people should know what our bullying policy is, what they should do if bullying arises and should understand that when bullying is reported it will be followed up.

MHTHS takes bullying very seriously, the young people should be assured that they would be supported when bullying is reported and that bullying will not be tolerated.

Possible Signs and Symptoms
A young person may indicate by signs or behaviour that they are being bullied. Members of staff should be aware of these possible signs and they should investigate if a young person displays any of the following behaviour patterns:

  • Is frightened of leaving their dwelling
  • Does not want to use public transport unsupervised
  • Begs to be driven to destinations
  • Changes their usual routine
  • Becomes withdrawn and anxious
  • Starts stammering for no obvious reason
  • Attempts or threatens suicide or runs away
  • Cries themselves to sleep for no obvious reason
  • Has possessions which get damaged or goes missing
  • Money not lasting as long as it used to or continually loosing money (paying bully)
  • Has unexplained cuts or bruises
  • Becomes aggressive or disruptive for no obvious reason
  • Seems frightened to state that something is wrong
  • Displays nervousness when receiving mobile phone calls or texts

All these behaviour’s could indicate other problems but bullying should be considered a possibility and would be investigated.


  • Report bullying incidents to staff (all reports will be treated in the strictest confidence)
  • In all cases reports will be taken seriously and
  • If necessary and appropriate police will be consulted
  • The bullying behaviour or threats of bullying will be investigated and the bullying stopped as quickly as is possible
  • An attempt will be made to help the bully(s) change their behaviour


  • The bully(s) will be encouraged to genuinely apologise and to discuss their issues with both the victim and staff
  • In serious cases transfer will be considered to another dwelling
  • If possible the young person will be reconciled
  • After the incident(s) have been investigated and dealt with each case will be monitored to ensure no further acts of bullying continue

MHTHS will implement the following methods for helping young people to prevent bullying. As and when appropriate these may include:

  • Implementing rules that are easy to understand and follow
  • Signing of behaviour contracts
  • Having individual meetings about bullying and why it matters
  • Having house meetings to go over all issues regarding this policy

Help Organisations
Children’s Legal Centre 0845 345 4345
Youth Access 020 8772 9900
Child line 0800 1111
B.U.M.P. 0121 555 8888
Bullying online [visit]

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