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Company Practices


The Key Worker, Manager and/or other THS staff will undertake the following roles:

  • Complete a Conditions of Residence and Induction Form with the young person upon arrival
  • Complete an Health & Safety Induction Check List with the young person upon arrival
  • Undertake an assessment of the young persons independent living skills including personal hygiene, cleanliness, and where appropriate budgeting, shopping and cooking.
  • Will assist the young person to acquire independent living skills
  • Liase with social workers and other professionals as appropriate
  • Help the young person talk through any problems and difficulties and will help with the young persons social worker if necessary to identify appropriate solutions. Interpreters or language line will be used as needed or requested.
  • Deal with any issues arising from the shared living accommodation that the Residential Living Accommodation offers
  • Assist the minor to maintain contact with any family members and friends as appropriate.
  • Provide 24 hour supported accommodation for minors and young persons in supported living accommodation that provides Health & Safety compliant living accommodation in culturally diverse areas
  • Provide a stable caring and homely environment that creates an opportunity for personal growth which in turn allows young people to develop to their full potential
  • Assist local authorities to meet identified needs
  • Facilitate access to services that meet physical, medical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • Provide access to health and education, so that those needs are assessed and provided as required in order to promote healthy living and facilitate the acquisition of identified necessary skills
  • Provide services that do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and culture
  • Provide advice, support and assistance as required
  • Promote respect among young people for all cultures and from all types of background
  • Provide advice and support on the acquisition of independent living skills including budgeting, cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene & safety
  • Offer continuing structured support via key workers and outreach workers for semi-independent and independent living accommodation
  • Ensure help and support is available at all times 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Deliver services to the highest level and ensure confidentiality at all times

A full copy of the Company Policies and Procedures is available upon request which details in full all the company policies procedures and practices.

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