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Equal Opportunities


THS is committed to equal opportunities for all. The Company values the individual contribution of all employees. All job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of sex, marital status, sexuality, age, disability, race, colour, religion, nationality and ethnic or national origins.

Our employees will be recruited, selected, trained and promoted on objective grounds, i.e. on the basis of their abilities. This will enable the company to make full use of their talents and demonstrate our commitment to being an equal opportunities employer.

All employees are responsible for ensuring that their behaviour is not discriminatory and that they follow the Company’s Equal Opportunities Policy and play their part in achieving its objectives. The company’s management take overall responsibility for implementation of the policy and will ensure that employees who feel that they have not been treated in accordance with the policy have appropriate means of redress.

The Complete Equal Opportunities Policy is available on request as apart of the Midland Homes Throughcare Housing & Support Policies & Procedures Manual.

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