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LIFE - Forced Marriage

LIFE has been set up to provide refuge, support and guidance to male and female victims who have been forced into marriage or feel they are about to be. MHTHS understands that there are a growing number of victims each year and is eager to lend a helping hand whether directly or indirectly, working with individuals or other organisations that share the same goal.

We understand the detrimental effect that forced marriage can have on its victims. Often these victims can endure attacks of physical violence, mental and emotional abuse, abduction and imprisonment. In worst cases some of these victims are murdered or commit suicide. They are usually in isolated situations and feel they have no one they can turn to for help or will sympathise with their situation.

By providing refuge, LIFE hopes to offer victims of Forced Marriages the security they need to escape their persecutors. These victims could be as young as 13 years old, male or female who need extra support and care. LIFE has specific refuges that can cater to all needs, whatever their age, gender religion or nationality.

We will offer guidance and support when and where needed. In some cases victims could be placed in individual homes and not in a shared refuge. Our support staff will be on call to give support to all who need it.

Our main priority is to enable those victims to not only live without fear but to move on with their lives, be free of oppression and abuse and love whomever they choose regardless of ethnicity or religion, sexual preference or any other factors that may have been obstacles for them before.

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