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In House Complaints


THS acknowledges the right of any person who is dissatisfied with the service to make a complaint.

A complaint can be made verbally or in writing.

The manager will obtain details of the complaint from the complainant. Senior Management will investigate the complaint and where appropriate will liase with other persons involved.

The manager will notify the complainant of the outcome of the investigation and any remedial action to be taken.

Where the complaint is of a serious nature, hostel manager will notify the responsible authority immediately and agree a plan of action.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved, the manager will notify the responsible authority upon completion of the investigation and agree any actions to be taken.

General Complaints

Situations can sometimes arise in everyday living where the ordinary processes for resolving disagreements fail and the individual is left feeling aggrieved. MHTHS will make every attempt to resolve complaints informally. Should we be unable to do so we respect the right of every individual to evoke the complaints procedure at any stage or to use the Local authority statutory complaints procedure.

Our procedures are designed to be easily accessible and ensure the speedy resolution of complaints. We accept complaints made verbally and in writing and to assure the person that their complaint has been heard it will be acted upon where practicable.

Midland Homes Throughcare Housing & Support Complaints Procedure
The following procedures apply to all formal complaints:

  • It is the Senior Management’s role to investigate all complaints.
  • A complaint can be made formally to any member of staff verbally or in writing.
  • Where a formal complaint is made to any member of staff that staff member must immediately advise the Manager.
  • The Manager must obtain details of the complaint and complete the necessary forms.
  • Where it is impractical for the Manager to investigate the complaint the Manager will appoint a suitable person to carry out the investigation.
  • The investigating person appointed will be provided with all the information relating to the complaint and will make arrangements to interview the complainant and any other party involved.
  • The investigating person will advise the complainant of their right to an advocate and ensure that the interview is not oppressive.
  • The investigating person will take into account any relevant MHTHS Policy.
  • The investigating person will complete their report within 5 working days where practicable after completing the investigation.

Notification Of Decision

  • The investigating person will advise the complainant in writing of the outcome of the complaint and give reasons for the decision.
  • The investigating person will also advise the complainant of their right to appeal against the decision. The appeal must be made in writing within 10 working days of the letter of decision.


  • All appeals must be submitted to Midlands Home Throughcare Housing & Support Senior Management.
  • Senior Management will review the decision of the investigating person.
  • Senior Management must notify the complainant of the appeals decision within 10 working days.
  • Senior Managements decision is final however where the complainant still feels aggrieved they may make a complaint through the local authority complaints procedure

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