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Independent Living Sixteen 21's main objective is to offer support to people who have a range of vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can vary from children seeking asylum, refugees, young expectant mothers or young mothers with babies who need extra support, young people leaving care and young children and/or adults escaping violence.

We understand the reality of these and realise the detrimental affects they can have on a person’s life. At Midland Homes Throughcare we know that unfortunately, these children and/or adults could experience difficulties in society, which could lead to unemployment, poverty, homelessness and exclusion.


By providing the right kind of support and guidance, MHTHS hopes to give them the skills to live independently, to feel comfortable within their environment and to build relationships and feel a sense of community. Our overall priority is to enable those vulnerable people to not only live a better quality of life but to live it proudly.


We are offering a range of housing and support services to underprivileged people across the Midlands, supporting them at any one time. We believe a person or group is vulnerable when support is required to enable or promote independent living with a safe and active participation within the Community.

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