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Mission Statement

THS specialises in a service for refugees aged 16 to 21 years of age, the homeless, and adults and young people with support needs. Our principle activity is the provision of high quality shared living and community based support services for people with a broad spectrum of support needs.

Best Service Provider – To provide quality housing and support through a proven system of quality key working delivered by staff we believe are the best.

Improve Lives – To develop individuals to promote independence and empowerment in order for them to live with sustainability, passion and drive.

Equal Opportunities – To welcome diversity amongst our service users and staff and promote an integrated multicultural diverse environment. We welcome all regardless of colour, race, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origins, marital status, gender, sexuality, disability or age whether service user or employee.

Positive Contribution To Society - To promote positive contribution to society from service users by empowering them to live independently, access employment and integrate within the community.

Strong Emphasis On Outcomes – To implement strategies heavily focused on achieving goals directly from service users. To provide guidance, facilitation in order to enable our client group to find answers for themselves and become driven to find solutions they previously found impossible

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