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Support Package


THS (Throughcare Housing and Support) aims to offer a comprehensive service to contracting authorities as permitted by legislation and to provide advice, support, guidance and assistance.

We understand that each individual may have different requirements and some may require more assistance than others, they will be assessed individually and a personal support plan will be constructed. From this plan we will be able to identify each persons needs.

THS will instruct a translator should one be needed to aid in the communication between client and THS staff or to attend any appointments our client my have to attend.

Within our supporting package we aim to assist in the following: -

  • Independent Skills – We will help each individual develop their skill to perform everyday tasks such as paying bills, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc.
  • Schools & Colleges – We will have a list of all schools and colleges within our locality. Should any of our guests be of age to attend either we will liase with them to find the most appropriate school/college for them and help them to enrol.
  • GP’s, Dentists & Opticians – From our list of local medical services we will assist them in registering in the aforementioned services and in the cases of minors we will accompany them to each appointment.
  • Solicitors - Where needed to handle their asylum claim or other issues, will assist in finding appropriate legal representatives and help them to understand British law if they are not familiar with the country’s basic legalities.
  • Cultural and Community Organisations – Our aim is to make them feel comfortable within their environment by referring them to cultural/community organisations that provide support asylum seekers/refuges.
  • Social and Recreational Activities - Help them to build relationships and feel a sense of community within their surroundings. Inform them of local cinemas, cafes/restaurants, and social clubs to promote independent living. Also assist young people to access libraries, homework clubs and language clubs etc.
  • Religious and Cultural Practises – We will assist minors in the furtherance of their religious and cultural practices where required.
  • Accommodation & Allowances – Young people will be accommodated in semi independent living in a shared house, they will receive a weekly allowance of £35 per week as part of the package and any extra payments as agreed with social services in the form of education allowances. We can organise a payment to each young person in the form of a clothing allowance upon agreement and authorization with the referring authority. In addition the utility bills will be paid, the T.V. License and water rates. We will also open a post office account for them.

If the young person is approaching 18 years of age and has been granted either Indefinite Leave to Remain or Discretionary Leave to Remain, we will facilitate their introduction to a Supporting People organization so that they can be supported in obtaining Job Seekers allowance and housing benefits.

We will work with Social Services by providing information as a team member for the completion of child plans and pathway plans as required when working within The Children’s Act section 17 & section 20, and the Children’s Leaving Care act.

Where required we can make referrals to Save the Children to refer the young person to their Befriending Unaccompanied Minors Project (B.U.M.P). We can also make referrals to the Red Cross for their International Tracing & Message service where required.

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